• JP partners with schools and districts across the country to provide intensive professional development for scientifically-based programs.

  • JP brings together several critical factors in the development of an effective school.

  • JP Associates offers our sites grant writing assistance. Take advantage of our experience writing successful grant requests.

  • JP works with schools providing training on how to ameliorate teacher weaknesses brought to light through the process of teacher evaluation.

  • Common Core State Standards, Factors Influencing Student Achievement, Responsive Coaching, Teacher Evaluation, Autism
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JP Associates, Inc
The School Improvement Specialists
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What Makes JP Unique?

Pre-Service Trainings & Workshops

Our pre-service trainings and workshops are all devoted to teaching participants specific strategies which will allow them to successfully teach every child in their classrooms and schools. All of our training sessions and workshops are based on the tenets of explicit instruction and all contain:

    • Clarity of presentation;
    • Concise & consistent language of instruction;
    • Dynamic modeling of skills & strategies to be learned with constant supported practice;
    • Active participation, and;
    • Careful monitoring of teacher responses & immediate corrective feedback.

While most Professional Development providers acknowledge that explicit instruction is one of the most effective methods of instruction, few, if any, actually apply and use the tenets of explicit instruction in their design or delivery of PD. JP does! All of our trainings, workshops, and coaching consistently use the learning paradigm used so successfully in all explicitly designed instruction:

    • Teachers are presented with research & evidence establishing why the strategies they’re learning are essential;
    • The strategies are modeled with carefully selected example items which allow participants to see what the strategies look like when they are both correctly and incorrectly implemented;
    • We guide participants through their initial practicing of the strategies;
    • Participants then practice the strategies on their own through application exercises;
    • Teachers return to their classrooms where they begin immediately to implement the strategies & they are supported in this implementation with our job-embedded coaching.


Our coaching model is absolutely generalizable and easily replicated because it, too, is based on the tenets of explicit instruction. The coaching process is broken down into small increments and steps, and scripts are provided, making the process easier to learn. All coaching visits follow this sequence:

    • In order to increase a teacher’s motivation to learn and openness to change, our coaches always first tell the teacher the things that teacher did well during the visit;
    • Coaches then tell teachers why they are intervening, ensuring the teacher understands the goal of the intervention;
    • Coaches briefly impart the research supporting the suggested change in instructional practices so teachers have a true, in-depth understanding of why a suggested change will help;
    • Coaches then model, lead (provide scaffolding), and test the new strategy they have suggested during their intervention;
    • Finally, coaches generalize to other learning situations where this strategy would be applicable, thus ensuring transference of knowledge.

Because JP designs, presents, and coaches all of our PD using the tenets of explicit instruction, the very techniques that teachers are being trained to use is how they, themselves, are learning! This makes their Professional Development consistent and seamless, from their pre-service to their job-embedded coaching. An effective teacher is more essential to closing the achievement gap than any other factor; this fact is no longer disputable. We must use the most effective teaching practices with our teachers to ensure that they learn, master, and employ these most important, effective strategies as soon as possible; JP’s explicit, evidence-based PD does just that.

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JP’s Services

  • Detailed Needs Assessment
  • Customized Professional Development
  • Grant-writing
  • Strategies for serving students with Autism
  • Creating a positive school/classroom culture
  • Leadership training and coaching
  • Common Core State Standards
  • Effective Instructional Practices
  • Differentiating Instruction
  • Effective Reading Instruction
  • Job-embedded, side-by-side, onsite coaching

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