• JP partners with schools and districts across the country to provide intensive professional development for scientifically-based programs.

  • JP brings together several critical factors in the development of an effective school.

  • JP works with schools providing training on how to ameliorate teacher weaknesses brought to light through the process of teacher evaluation.

  • Common Core State Standards, Factors Influencing Student Achievement, Responsive Coaching, Teacher Evaluation, Autism

  • JP Associates offers our sites grant writing assistance. Take advantage of our experience writing successful grant requests.
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JP Associates, Inc
The School Improvement Specialists
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Teacher Effectiveness Program

 Introducing JP's Video Library-Personalized

Professional Development On Demand

Both principals and teachers realize an effective teacher professional development system is integral to the school improvement process. The importance of such a system is validated by research. Frameworks defining and specifying "effective teaching practices" already exist. Rubrics for evaluating teachers also exist. What is needed is the "next step."  Whether it is a teacher self-identifying an area in which they need improvement or a principal directing a teacher to a specific topic, JP's Video Library can be part of your  answer.  It provides customized professional development.

Teachers want to be successful; they do not want to fail.  Administrators want to help their teachers achieve success. JP's Video Library addresses both the needs of the principal and teachers.


What is the Video Library?

High quality online professional development presented in 60-90 minute segments that are automatically accessed via our website and aligned with a currently adopted state teacher evaluation frameworks. The 60-90 minute professional development segments present strategies that align with the teacher's identified area(s) of need.


Here is how it works:

The online library is designed to be used in a variety of ways:

  • Teachers exploring resources that can support their personal professional development based on self identification.
  • Principals using it as a tool to recommend professional development aligned with needs identified during classroom visits and the evaluation process.  
  • Teacher teams using it for group training and discussion in teacher-led professional development.


All of JP's professional development resources are accompanied by the latest, most effective research.


JP's Video Library is an Effective Solution that:

  • Is easily accessible through commonly used electronic devices
  • Aligns the identified teacher growth area with the specific, customized online PD,  thus providing differentiated, individualized instruction  for every teacher
  • Aligns to all commercial and state approved evaluation frameworks



Introducing JP’s Re-Start Academy (RESA)

The nation’s current teacher shortage is having an intense impact on the school system. In 2013–14, 62% of school districts had unfilled teaching positions three months into the school year. 

In the same school year, close to 1,000 teachers were on substitute credentials—a 29% increase from the previous year. With one of the highest turnover rates of any state and 24% of the workforce eligible to retire by June 2018, the future outlook points to continued shortages.

(A Coming Crisis Teacher Report)

Among all beginning teachers in 2007–08, 10 percent did not teach in 2008–09, 12 percent did not teach in 2009–10, 15 percent did not teach in 2010–11, and 17 percent did not teach in 2011–12.  Voices from the field tell us the trend has continued!

Public School Teacher Attrition and Mobility in the First Five Years

Interested in preventing teacher burnout?

Faced with filling teacher vacancies every year?

Want strategies that address teacher retention?

JP can help you address these and other needs.


With over a quarter of a century of experience in designing and implementing professional development to thousands of schools JP can assist you in creating a plan that will work for you.

RESA Academies focus on preventing high teacher attrition identifying it as the one factor within a school’s sphere of influence.

Strategy: RESA (Re-Start Academies)

RESA Academies provide a two-pronged approach to the challenge of teacher retention. The first prong targets new teachers (1-5 years in the field) providing training that can be implemented at intervals during the school year.  Information and strategies are based on current data collection identifying reasons teacher are leaving the field. Training is supported by ongoing coaching on a regular basis by trained School Improvement Specialists. 

The second prong focuses on school leadership and their role in creating a culture that supports teachers and develops a teacher-leadership pipeline.  Strategies presented include both a focus on classroom support and establishing school-wide processes and policies.

An integral element of both prongs is the identification of local teachers/administrators who can be trained as coaches so the project can sustain itself. 


  • To improve teacher retention
  • To establish effective and evidenced based mentoring
  • To create positive school environment via collaborative efforts among districts and schools and schools and staff and community
  • To provide training for principals/leaders enabling them to create and support an environment/culture that affects teachers’ decisions to remain or leave the field. 



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JP’s Services

  • Detailed Needs Assessment
  • Customized Professional Development
  • Grant-writing
  • Strategies for serving students with Autism
  • Creating a positive school/classroom culture
  • Leadership training and coaching
  • Common Core State Standards
  • Effective Instructional Practices
  • Differentiating Instruction
  • Effective Reading Instruction
  • Job-embedded, side-by-side, onsite coaching

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