• JP works with schools providing training on how to ameliorate teacher weaknesses brought to light through the process of teacher evaluation.

  • JP partners with schools and districts across the country to provide intensive professional development for scientifically-based programs.

  • JP Associates offers our sites grant writing assistance. Take advantage of our experience writing successful grant requests.

  • JP brings together several critical factors in the development of an effective school.

  • Common Core State Standards, Factors Influencing Student Achievement, Responsive Coaching, Teacher Evaluation, Autism
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Kids explore history through own graphic novels

Some of America’s most important citizens throughout its history – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin – participated in the Constitutional Convention, held in Philadelphia in 1787.

As they and many other representatives tangled over a constitution and how it should function, a hummingbird watched the process through a window. So did a mouse, Washington’s horse and other unlikely spectators. 

Violet Childers, a fourth-grader in Brandee Green’s classroom, chose the hummingbird for herself in her graphic novel.

In other activities this year, she and her classmates wrote reports about the country’s earlier history.

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JP’s Services

  • Detailed Needs Assessment
  • Customized Professional Development
  • Grant-writing
  • Strategies for serving students with Autism
  • Creating a positive school/classroom culture
  • Leadership training and coaching
  • Common Core State Standards
  • Effective Instructional Practices
  • Differentiating Instruction
  • Effective Reading Instruction
  • Job-embedded, side-by-side, onsite coaching

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