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  • JP brings together several critical factors in the development of an effective school.

  • Common Core State Standards, Factors Influencing Student Achievement, Responsive Coaching, Teacher Evaluation, Autism

  • JP works with schools providing training on how to ameliorate teacher weaknesses brought to light through the process of teacher evaluation.

  • JP partners with schools and districts across the country to provide intensive professional development for scientifically-based programs.
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Meet Julie Burke

...One of JP's CCS Experts - Learn Why Julie is So Passionate About the Common Core Standards

01.12.2012 - With over twenty years of experience in leading school reform, Julie Burke was a natural choice to help develop JP's Common Core Standards Workshops. And thanks to the team's fervent dedication, JP is able to offer a series of Professional Development Workshops to help school systems ensure they have a clear understanding of the CCS and also have confidence in aligning their current curricula to the CCS.

When asked about her thoughts on the CCS, Julie said, "I believe the Common Core Standards have the potential to ensure that all of our children, no matter where they grow up, will be prepared for success in college and the global workforce. But that potential will only be realized through careful implementation."

In developing the CCS Workshops for JP, Julie thought about the many questions and concerns educators and parents would have on how they would be affected by the CCS, and what the impact on students would be.

"I think classroom teachers are the most important group in moving the Common Core Standards from mere words to actual improvements in learning," explains Julie. She feels it isn't enough to simply distribute the new standards to teachers with the expectation of positive, meaningful change. "We need to provide educators with targeted professional development that helps them understand the new standards, plan lessons and deliver instruction that are are aligned to them." The next step, according to Julie, is evaluating learning on an ongoing basis to determine how well students are mastering the standards and to provide additional support to the students who need it.

JP's series of Common Core Standards Workshops address every aspect of what schools will face when implementing the Standards. There is an introductory session for participants to work alongside JP School Improvement Specialists as they model the process of analyzing and rating how schools current curriculum aligns with the CCS. From here, participants are taken through the process of implementing the Standards on their own, complete with a take-home rubric for future analysis. Four workshops in all, every detail of implementing the standards into current school systems is addressed in JP's CCS Workshops.

You can learn more about these workshops by clicking here. Simply scroll to the Curriculum Domain at the bottom of the Workshops/Seminars page to view full descriptions of these stimulating professional development opportunities.

This article was taken from the January 10th issue of our RSN Newsletter. To view past newsletters or to sign up to receive future issues, go to the Newsletter Archive page by clicking here and then click the button at the bottom of the page, "Sign up for our newsletter."

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