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Noble Elementary Scores Big on Iowa Test Series

 - Best Scores in Ashely County, AR

01.24.2012 - The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and Noble Elementary has proven to be exceptional based on student scores on the Iowa Test Series. Of the participating schools in Ashley County, Noble had the best overall score at 73. The score means Noble students performed at the same level as the top 27 percent of students in the nation.

A JP partner for eight years, Noble is reaping the benefits of their commitment to increasing student achievement by selecting a research-based curriculum (Direct Instruction) and maintaining the fidelity of the program for many years. Noble Elementary has ensured a high level of proficiency for their students by continuing to utilize ongoing Responsive Coaching™ support with JP Associates.

Noble Elementary is in the Hamburg School District in Southeast Arkansas. The district has utilized the Direct Instruction Model with JP for over fifteen years. No elementary school in the Hamburg School District is currently in any state or national school improvement status. Marilyn Chambers, Special Program Director/District Curriculum, credits perseverance and cooperation with JP Associates in improving the literacy skills of all students. Says Ms. Chambers, "Based on mastery of fluency, rate, accuracy, comprehension and reading skills, students in Hamburg Schools have benefited from this very structured, sequential program which differentiates instruction based on individual needs."

Noble Elementary Principal Tracy Streeter echoes Ms. Chambers' feelings, and likens their success to a "three legged stool." Says Principal Streeter, "We must first have a credible curriculum and program. Next, we must have people that can push the curriculum/program. Then, we must bring all of this together with support to make it work and that is what JP offers us - without the third leg, it would not work. The coaching and support they provide is the difference maker."

Specifically, Noble Elementary staff have used The Five Big Ideas of Effective Reading Instruction (click here to view this workshop - scroll to the Responsive Coaching™ Domain) along with the Common Core Standards. Furthermore, the school has utilized teams as an active component of their system. Members of the team closely monitor "at-risk" students and provide supportive supervision to the staff to ensure success of these students. "JP Associates has worked with us for eight years and has helped us embrace the challenges within our district," said Principal Streeter.

Ms. Chambers credits the work of JP not only in Noble, but in the entire Hamburg School District as being most beneficial to the staff in aiding their teams with developing capacity for teaching reading, spelling and language skills. "The regularly scheduled coaching sessions by skilled educators have provided research-based reading strategies and have helped principals hold the teachers accountable for every student's learning," claims Ms. Chambers.

Success is recognized and positive reinforcement is given to students and staff at all Hamburg Schools. Recognition is given individually as well as in groups/classes. Says JP School Improvement Specialist Kim Burgess, "The atmosphere and positive school culture makes Noble very enjoyable to visit." Kim has worked with the team at Noble for eight years.

To learn more about the Responsive Coaching™ Workshops JP offers, click here and then scroll to the Responsive Coaching™ Domain on the Workshops/Seminars page. You will find full descriptions of all the workshops JP has developed. Take advantage of these wonderful coaching and professional development opportunities!

This article was taken from the January 24th issue of our RSN Newsletter. You can view the issue by clicking here.

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