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The 10 Most Important Work Skills in 2020

Preparing students for the work world begins in the foundations set in elementary and high school.  What are you doing to prepare your students? Give us a call or contact us at 516-561-7803 or .  Together we can make a difference!


workforce skills



Today’s workforce, as nearly everyone knows, is increasingly global. And with that global nature comes fierce competition–students will need an arsenal of workforce skills in order to stand out from their peers.

According to a recent McGraw-Hill Education survey, just 40 percent of college seniors said they felt their college experience was helpful in preparing for a career. Alarmingly, that percentage plummeted to 19 percent for women answering the same question.

That same survey also found that students in STEM majors were the most likely out of any group to report that they are optimistic about their career prospects (73 percent).

According to data from the nonprofit Institute for the Future, there are 6 drivers of change in today’s workforce.

These 6 drivers are leading employers to seek out new and unique skills–skills that are quickly becoming some of the most in-demand in the workforce.

The top 10 workforce skills of 2020 include:

1. Sense making

2. Social intelligence

3. Novel and adaptive thinking

4. Cross cultural competency

5. Computational thinking

6. New media literacy

7. Transdisciplinary

8. Design mindset

9. Cognitive load management

10. Virtual collaboration

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Becoming a more mindful school leader

Image result for Mindfulness

Being ‘present in the moment’ can be a powerful stress release

In a world of round-the-clock distractions, being a mindful leader is a powerful tool. Mindfulness is simply the act of being consciously aware and of focusing on the present moment in a nonjudgmental way.

Research shows that mindfulness improves concentration, inspires creativity and energizes our interactions with others. Whether managing stress or achieving nirvana-like relaxation and focus, the qualities of mindfulness can help increase our leadership skills and personal satisfaction.

Why is it important?

Have you ever walked across campus after school hours, deep in thought while mentally preparing your “to-do list,” only to have your thoughts interrupted by a parent or staff member? It’s hard to be entirely present in the conversation they are pulling you into because your mind is stuck on the list.

The task at hand should be the other person, but our brains are often a little scattered with so much work and so little time that we can’t focus on that conversation as fully as we would like.

That’s where mindfulness comes in, as it helps us reconnect with others in a more meaningful, authentic way.

For Principal Rosanna Whisnant at Newton-Conover Middle School in North Carolina, being a mindful leader is about relaxing, reflecting and focusing solely on the other person.

“Listening intently and asking clarifying questions ensure I’m on the same page with others when talking,” Whisnant says.

Sarita Amaya, an assistant administrator of multilingual programs in Oregon’s Beaverton School District, adds that being a mindful leader is about “being fully present for yourself and becoming skilled at understanding your feelings, your needs and how to be nurturing, loving and compassionate to oneself.”

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This major city knows the secret to improving student performance

principals chicago

Focusing on school leadership and high-quality principals yielded impressive results

A focus on high-quality principals in Chicago Public Schools (CPS) could serve as a best-practice model for districts across the nation, according to data indicating improved student performance and principal retention.

Over the past four years, as the number of strong principals in Chicago’s public schools has increased, so have student outcomes. District leaders have identified increases in both reading and math scores for elementary school students and have seen significant improvements in freshman on-track and graduation rates at the high school level.

“Principals are truly the instructional leaders of our schools and one of the key factors behind the improvements we’re seeing for all of Chicago’s public school students–improvements that are outpacing national averages,” said Dr. Janice Jackson, acting CEO of CPS, during a panel discussion on the district’s positive results. “We know that cultivating and retaining strong leaders is essential to our progress.”

Dr. LeViis Haney, currently in his sixth year as principal of Joseph Lovett Elementary in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood, is an example of the difference a strong school leader can make.

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