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  • JP brings together several critical factors in the development of an effective school.

  • JP works with schools providing training on how to ameliorate teacher weaknesses brought to light through the process of teacher evaluation.

  • JP partners with schools and districts across the country to provide intensive professional development for scientifically-based programs.

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JP's Partnership with Longwood University Professor Highlighted in Magazine

We are so pleased and excited to announce that JP's parntership with Dr. Chris Jones has been highlighted in the most recent edition of University's Magazine Longwood! Click the link below to read the article and to learn about the good and important work being done for East St. Louis. We couldn't be prouder! 

Magazine Longwood - City of Hope Article

Hamburg School District Goes Google

Big news coming out of Hamburg School District in Arkansas – they have made the transition and are now a GOOGLE DISTRICT! This is fantastic not only for our environment, but also for the entire community involved in the innovation. Hamburg's District IT Director, Jon Ballard, pushed for the movement after visiting another Google school and seeing the positive results.

Noble Allbritton Elementary SchoolWhat does this mean, exactly? According to Noble/Allbritton Principal Tricia Johnson, "It means we are trying to use Google for everything, from school email to surveys to collaboration and feedback. Even parents are being contacted through Google Forms and Google Voice." Sharing information is a snap (or should we say a "click") – the program compiles data and reports into charts, graphs and the like to make it easier to share.

Says Principal Michelle Dunbar of Wilmot Elementary, "This collaboration in the program allows for two or more people to work on the same document and make changes at the same time." April Adams, Noble/Allbritton's Assistant Principal, completely agrees and adds, "Not only is it great for going paperless, it also helps everyone to be more organized considering they don't have to look for anything – it is all in Google!"

The elementary schools are working towards all students having a Google email address, which will allow assignments to be sent through the emails and completed work can then be submitted via email. The Fifth Grade Noble/Allbritton has a classroom set of Google Chromebooks that rotate daily to each class. Junior and Senior High Schools are already utilizing more Google Classrooms.

Noble Allbritton Elementary School 2Says Kendra Galloway, District Literacy Coach, "The technology has been the most beneficial in preparing students for the PARCC assessment!" Being a Google school, or rather, a Google District, has opened many opportunities for them. They are now able to utilize more websites, such as Kahoots, Math Chat, Book Widgets, DOJO and Insight.

We at JP applaud Hamburg School District's decision to go Google and can't wait to see the impact it has, for we feel certain it will be positive!

Della Lamb Makes 10 Point APR Improvement

Della Lamb Charter School is making great strides in their Annual Performance Report - this past school year they achieved a growth of 10 percentage points! APR award factors include academic achievement, high school readiness, subgroup achievement and student attendance.

School officials from Della Lamb believe a contributing factor in this growth was the addition of Common Core State Standards Professional Development paired with monthly follow-up coaching provided by JP Associates.

This is great news! We are so proud of everyone at Della Lamb and can't wait to see the improvements this year brings. In the meantime, congratulations, Della Lamb Charter School!

Buffalo School #6 Summer School Success

2014 0806SummerVacationTheme


JP is very proud to share and recognize the great work of all the teachers at Buffalo School #6 this summer. Under McGraw Hill, JP is one of the collaborating partners in the  work of this school improvement grant. Congratulations Building #6!

Click <HERE> to view full story. 

The Power Pack: Data Talks "Putting Students First"

Written By JP School Improvement Specialist Wanetta Jones
There is no I in TEAM, "Together Each Achieves Much," with this power pack. You can't help but notice the collegiate comradeship of Mrs. Tina Frye, principal, and her team sitting around the conference table discussing data, strategies, and next steps. They complete each other's sentences, make eye contact when something doesn't sound quite right, and there is mutual support to ensure explanations are clear to all who are listening. Officer Elementary in East St. Louis, Illinois, is a model school that exemplifies that school mergers can work. Let's take a look closer at how the power pack gets the job done.
It is no easy task to effectively merge staff and students of two schools who have been acclimated to their own local school environment. Salient factors and challenges to be considered-not impossible. Many of those factors not enumerated for discussion in this article, but for certain, academic performance was and remains high on the list of priorities for Mrs. Frye and her team. Her model of capable and consistent leadership has been key to the school's success. How do we know?
Data does the talking and everything else does the walking at Officer Elementary. Mrs. Frye will quickly tell you, "we depend on the data to tell us what to do and how to plan. Our teachers are prepared, we observe great teaching and learning, we regroup and revise, data is our friend," she says. Her leadership team and teaching staff has bought into the organized process of documenting, collecting, and analyzing data for the benefit of student achievement. 
The "power pack" knew they needed to assist teachers not dread the laborious RTI (Response to Intervention) process. The RTI process was a non-negotiable to tier students. Teachers didn't have an option. The TEAM needed to act quickly, producing a "doable" plan. Like the Marvel Comics Power Pack superheroes, Mrs. Frye and her team came to the rescue and developed a practical and succinct step-by-step template that utilizes formative and summative data to assign students to tiers. The template worked. Teachers' were happy and students demonstrated progress.
Good news travels! When a district representative was invited to Officer to observe their RTI collaborative meeting, the inevitable happened. The smooth execution of the RTI process as they used the school-based created template, received kudos. That day, Mrs. Frye and her team were honored to know that their step-by-step template became the district's model for other schools to replicate. Well, isn't that what "power packs" do? Superheroes in education know how to put students first.

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