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Giving Effective Feedback When You’re Short on Time

Once you’ve identified that you need to give feedback to a direct report, you can make that process more efficient in three ways.


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As Foreign Language Programs Dwindle, Online Learning Fills The Gap

Schools across the nation, including in Vermont, are not teaching as much foreign language as they used to. When budgets are tight, those courses are often cut. Some schools are filling the gap with technology.


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Computer-based tests bring new era for students as states start Common Core exams this week

The Common Core tests fulfill the requirement in the federal No Child Left Behind law for annual testing in reading and math in grades three to eight and again in high school. But as Congress seeks to rewrite the education law, there's debate over whether the tests should be required by Washington, and whether students are being tested too much. Parents in pockets of the country have joined a movement to "opt out" of these standardized tests.


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Report: Fewer kids are frequent readers

Books can be a hard sell as kids get older and spend more time texting, on YouTube, or playing games on their phones. A new report by children’s publishing company Scholastic shows how reading habits change through childhood, and offers hints for parents looking to get their kids to read more.


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Kids explore history through own graphic novels

Some of America’s most important citizens throughout its history – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin – participated in the Constitutional Convention, held in Philadelphia in 1787.

As they and many other representatives tangled over a constitution and how it should function, a hummingbird watched the process through a window. So did a mouse, Washington’s horse and other unlikely spectators. 

Violet Childers, a fourth-grader in Brandee Green’s classroom, chose the hummingbird for herself in her graphic novel.

In other activities this year, she and her classmates wrote reports about the country’s earlier history.

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  • Strategies for serving students with Autism
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  • Common Core State Standards
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  • Differentiating Instruction
  • Effective Reading Instruction
  • Job-embedded, side-by-side, onsite coaching

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