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Interview with Janie Fienberg on the Common Core State Standards

The Common Core Standards are not only important, but confusing, as well. In a recent interview, JP's President and founder clears up the confusion surrounding the standards and shares why they are so important for educators to understand.

Q. The Common Core State Standards Initiative is a hot issue these days. Why is that? Why now?

Read more ...

Vocabulary By Colors!

CorrectedChartShannon Torres is a third grade teacher at Della Lamb Charter School in Kansas City, Missouri and she has come up with a colorful and effective way to teach vocabulary. The picture below is from her classroom where she has implemented Easy-Smart-Brilliant-Antonym! Shannon pre-reads her reading program (Signature 2) and creates an “Easy-Smart-Brilliant-Antonym” lists for every word. For example: weird (easy)—strange (smart)—bizarre (brilliant)—ordinary (antonym) She put them on sentence strips. They are posted all around her room. They are color coded- Easy is always red, smarts yellow, brilliant is green and the antonym is black. She encourages kid to use the posted words- especially the "brilliant" ones. Great work, Shannon and thanks for sharing!

Buffalo Elementary School of Technology Revitalization Under Way

JP is very proud to announce our newest initiative - working with Buffalo School #6, Elementary School of Technology. We are very excited to be working alongside Ms. Brown, the principal, and her dedicated staff to improve student performance in a School Restart effort.

School #6 was one of the first schools built by the Buffalo Board of Education in 1839. In 1977, School #6 became one of the first magnet schools and was named Academic Challenge Center. Twenty years later, the school coordinator began an initiative in order to revitalize the school. In an effort to prepare students for the future, School #6 became the first elementary technology magnet and was renamed Buffalo Elementary School of Technology.

JP is part of a collaborative effort with Research to Practice, a not-for- profit organization which "transforms schools and makes them successful for both teachers and students through training and support, strategically guided by research based, field tested strategies." Research to Practice and partners submitted and secured a grant to oversee the restart efforts. Additional partners in this effort include McGraw-Hill Education, Global Partners and EPIC.

President Janie Feinberg says, "JP is looking forward with great enthusiasm to working on this newest endeavor. It is a chance to put all of our experience and expertise to work in a comprehensive approach to school improvement!"

This article was taken from the October 2012 issue of our RSN Newsletter. You can view the issue by clicking here.

Coaching in Atlantic City

coachingonstepsHere's a picture of JP's Executive Director of Professional Development, Barbara Proctor, coaching at Oceanside Charter School in Atlantic City, New Jersey on a beautiful sunny day!

This was taken from the October 2012 issue of our RSN Newsletter. You can view the issue by clicking here.

Kudos to Wilmot Elementary for their Video Skit on Literacy

Kendra Streeter, DI Coordinator of Wilmot Elementary in Arkansas, shared this super cool video of a skit created by the first grade teacher as part of the school's Annual Literacy Program. Accoding to Ms. Streeter, each classroom was asked to present a skit, song or some type of production for the program.

Although the first graders' skit in this video is considered a comedy (watch it and see!), Ms. Streeter reports that many of the parents could see the difference that Direct Instruction was making in their children's reading skills and lives.

The school, a long time JP Partner School, uses Reading Mastery as the core of their reading study, which they have found to be "very effective in providing our students with the strategies and skills required to build a solid foundation in reading," says Ms. Streeter. Coincidenally, they also use JP as part of their professional development program.

Click here to see this fabulous and entertaining video of first grade readers!

This article was taken from the June 7th issue of our RSN Newsletter. You can view the issue by clicking here.

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