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Spring Clothing Drive

Please consider contribuiting to our Spring Clothing Drive for one of our most cherished partners, Buffalo's School Number 6 in New York!

There is a great need for very large children's sizes, 14-18.

They need NEW socks and NEW underwear. They need light spring jackets, shoes and clothes appropriate for spring and summer.

Also, there is a need to collect fancy clothing for both boys and girls who are graduating from the 8th grade. Items appropriate for a graduation ceremony would be greatly appreciated!

Please direct any items you are able to give to Ms. Marilyn Foote, the school's Spring Clothing Drive Coordinator. 

If you have any questions, please email us at .

Thank you for your support - we are thrilled and look forward to reporting the success of the Spring Clothing Drive soon!

Clothing Drive Image

Paw Pals Storytime

To say we are proud of Paulina Wampler, a former JP consultant, is an understatement. Our former colleague and forever friend is still creating exceptional educational opportunites for kids in her community! Currently, Paulina is serving as the host and creater of Paw Pals Storytime! 

Please click the link to read more about this great community activity promoting reading. Congratulations, Paulina!

Paw Pals Storytime


Brilliant Bulletin Board - Cold Harbor Elementary School

When it comes to bulletin boards, the librarian in Cold Harbor Elementary school in Mechanicsville VA is brilliant! JP's own Sandy Leonard was thrilled to come across the bulletin boards pictured here on one of her visits to the school. What is so impressive about these boards? The fact that the librarian put them up in an effort to help the students make connections to the classroom learning in an open environment. Says Ms. Leonard, "The questions on the boards make the students think without teacher direction, and help them make personal connections to their learning as well as increased student interest in areas they might not have otherwise pursued." 

For example, one board was about Nelson Mandela. There were quotes from him and the students were asked to tell, in their own words, what he meant by that quote or what they would do if they were in his place. Students then posted their responses on the board. Another board was about the planets and what students would weigh or what age would they be if they were on a certain planet. The librarian had a calculator and the equation for figuring out the problem and a conversion chart for each planet. Again, the students were able to post their answers on the board.

JP sends our biggest congratulations to Cold Harbor Elementary for coming up with such a fabulous idea. Like we said, BRILLIANT!

Bulletin Board Pic BBulletin Board Pic C

Bulletin Board Pic DBulletin Board Pic H

ELL Video - "Vehicle" for Success!

The strategy in the video was developed by School Improvement Specialist PJ Toburen in order to help students having extreme difficulty with being able to recite definitions accurately and precisely. Particulary, ELL and students with substandard English. In the video, they say "If it is made to take you places, it is a vehicle." Challenged students had a tendency to leave out words like "is" or "a." 

The first part of the strategy was to firm the parts, then the whole. The statement was broken into much smaller, yet meaningful parts. "If it is made." "To take you places." "It is a vehicle." Toburen still saw students struggling with including every word, so she added hand motions. They put up one finger for each of the first three words and then a sweep for the fourth word. Each phrase had four words.

Once the strategy worked for the first phrase, it was applied to each of the next two phrases. After each phrase was firm, the whole sentence was practiced, and the result? Success, which can be viewed in the video!

PJ modeled how to do this during each step, and had the students practice it with her. Then, they did it on their own. Sometimes it was necessary for her to model and lead several times. Once she knew they were confident in themselves, she had them do it on their own. They were successful.

And there is nothing JP loves more than a good success story!


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