• JP partners with schools and districts across the country to provide intensive professional development for scientifically-based programs.

  • JP works with schools providing training on how to ameliorate teacher weaknesses brought to light through the process of teacher evaluation.

  • Common Core State Standards, Factors Influencing Student Achievement, Responsive Coaching, Teacher Evaluation, Autism

  • JP brings together several critical factors in the development of an effective school.

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Responsive Coaching - Coaching Defined and the Outcomes of Coaching

Coaching may seem simple, upon first reflection, but dig a little deeper, and coaching is tool that gives and gives and gives. It gives to the coach, the coachee and trickles right on down to the students.

What exactly IS coaching? According to Rob Horner from the University of Oregon, "Coaching is the active and iterative delivery of prompts that increase successful behavior and corrections that decrease unsuccessful behavior." Nice! To add to that explanation, coaching is done by someone with credibility and experience with the target skills, it is done on-site in real time, it is done after initial training, it is done repeatedly and it is adjusted in intensity according to need.

Given that nice definition of coaching, what are the outcomes of it?

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Della Lamb Charter School Proves Uphill Battle Can be Won -Putting Teacher Effectiveness into Action

When it comes to success, it's all about perseverance, isn't it? Heartwarming news comes to us from Della Lamb Charter School, one of our partners for the past several years. Principal Jennifer Wilson shared good news from her school, Della Lamb Charter School in in Kansas City, Missouri.

During their monthly review with the State Priority Status Reviewers, the team members continually made positive statements, including, "You're really on the right track with that," and "Yes, you've got the right strategy," and "Keep up the good work!" Not only were Reviewers satisfied with the progress and reporting Della Lamb is showing, they were impressed!

Reviewers further commented that while Della Lamb needs to continue working on moving as many students as possible out of the Below Basic Category, they recognize and are impressed with the gains that were made last year. This is the culmination of years of hard work!

Says Principal Jennifer Wilson, "As we near the end of the First Quarter at Della Lamb, I am so encouraged by all of the great things that I see our teams and individual teachers doing to move our school toward its improvement goals."

JP School Improvement Specialist PJ Toburen has worked with Della Lamb for the past several years. "I am so proud of the faculty and staff at Della Lamb. They keep working to improve and their focus remains on providing an ever-improving education for the students."

Congratulations to the entire Della Lamb Charter School - we at JP couldn't be prouder of you!

School Transformation/Improvement: Lesson 129

Our School Improvement Specialists are always searching for ways to impove the personalized professional development we provide to schools. Pamela Toburen (we call her PJ) shared her most recent "lightbulb" experience with us, and once we heard it we knew we had to share it with you, too!

From PJ, "I knew this gal had a smart phone so I asked her to take a picture of the kid's writing and e-mail it to herself. She could do that very easily. Once it was e-mailed to herself, all she had to do was open the attachment and BINGO, the document was projected on her whiteboard. The advantage of projecting it on the whiteboard is that you can write on the document with a dry erase marker."

One of her students asked, "Will you do that to mine?" She said "It's so messy, I can hardly read it," to which he promptly replied, "I'll write it neater!"

So, we've got two things going here: 1) the opportunity to display student work and 2) motivation to do the work well. And that's to say nothing of the financial benefit of not having to buy a document camera!

The teacher was really jazzed. I did tell her that if she uses this procedure, she MUST be able to do it without compromising the integrity of "time on task." It has to be done so quickly that it doesn't prevent them from completing a lesson.

Jumpstart to Success 2013 Event Kicks Off Buffalo Re-Start

If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes an even bigger mutual effort to raise a school. Research to Practice, a Not-for-Profit organization, reached out to several groups to form a collaborative that would do just that. This group includes McGraw-Hill Education, EPIC and, of course, JP Associates. This past September 17th, all of these partners came together to celebrate a "new start" for Buffalo School #6.

Julie BurkeThis re-start process began last year when Research to Practice was awarded a school improvement grant. The grant provides funds for the collaborative, working closely with the school to design and implement an improvement plan. Months in the making, it is called the Buffalo Re-Start Plan.

A special day full of pomp and circumstance officially kicked off the re-start effort, pehaps a premonition of the future of all these lucky students who are part of the new program. There are several goals and priorities targeting the re-start effort.

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Wilmot Elementary Celebrates Reading

WilmotDrSeussQuoteDr. Seuss himself said it best, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” And in the spirit of Dr. Seuss’ philosophy, JP feels, “A book is one of the best gifts you can give a child.” That’s why JP gave every child in Wilmot Elementary School in Arkansas their very own copy of a Dr. Seuss book for the annual Read Across America celebration this past March.

The students at Wilmot Elementary had a big time commemorating the event! They made bookmarks to go with their books, enjoyed refreshments and read to other students. The entire day was dedicated to the Dr. Seuss celebration. Wilmot’s Direct Instruction Coordinator Kendra Galloway planned the event, and said, “The students were excited that after hearing the story, they each had a copy of a special book they could then read to themselves and others. The students look forward to the activities that celebrate one of their favorite authors."

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